Diagnostic Services

Basic Labwork is becoming a commodity, but even the best technology can't replace honesty, hard work, and a helping hand.  Just because an insurance company wants something doesn't mean you have to settle.  You should have top notch reporting and accurate results quickly.

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Med & Chronic Care Mgt (CCM)

Patients commonly build up a long list of medications as they become more experienced in life.  What are they really taking consistently?

Drive NEW and SIGNIFICANT recurring revenue for the services you and your staff already perform!

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Genetic Testing (PGx & CGx)

Have a patient who has had at least one therapeutic drug trial failure?  How much time do you have to figure out what will work for them?  We can help your patients feel better quickly and safely, while providing them with a lifetime of knowledge and confidence about a variety of treatments.

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Work with me!

Practical Services is a proud and hard-working Virginia Small Business.  We're not supporting huge corporate profits.  Practical Services caters to individual medical practices mainly in Central and Eastern parts of the state.  This business is not a cover-up for something shady or a misleading venture that hides an illegal type of practice.  You want to work with us because there are many labs and many reps who all have the next best thing, but few really care about providers, and even fewer are good enough to manage multiple testing types for unique practices who are being forced to expand their service offerings to stay in business.

I'm here with you, making the most of every day.  You can trust me to put the best interests of your business in front of stockholders or greedy owners.


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